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July Skin Care Favorites

Now that it is the end of the month, I decided to sit and down and decide what my favorite skin care products I’ve used this month are. I realized that I used the a lot of the same products the entire month and some of them even longer than that. Lets dive into them.


My all time favorite face wash to use is Purity by Philosophy. I have used this product for over a year now and absolutely love it. It cleanses your face with out any intense fragrances. It also takes off makeup without being to harsh. I currently have three bottles in my bathroom cause one just is not enough. I keep one in the shower, one under the sink and I have one as a back up. Can you tell its my favorite?

Next up is my toner that I have been loving. I can never find a toner that I really love and I have been through many. I saw a review on the Mario Badescu toner so I went to Ulta and picked up the Aloe Vera toner. This product has helped with my pores and I have noticed that my skin feels cleaner after I use it.

Once I am finished with toner, I apply eye cream. Now I have not been able to stick to one type of eye cream because I can never find one that works well for me. I ran out of the Tarte Maracuja Oil eye cream and needed something for my tired eyes. So I decided to try something different. I picked up the Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream from Sephora and I love it. It makes me look like I am more awake than I am.

Finally, I have been loving the First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream. I have used this product for almost a year and it is so light weight and it doesn’t sit on my skin. A lot of the moisturizers I have tried are so thick and heavy and don’t sink into the skin. The daily face cream doesn’t have a fragrance and I use it both morning and night.

What are your favorite skin products to use?




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