I took a Day Off

I rarely have a day where I don’t need to have my phone near me. Ok, Ok, I never actually “need” my phone near me, but I like to have it close by. Yesterday, my family and I took a little drive to a fantastic mall that has an amusement park inside. We were so busy while we were there, the mall is ginormous.

My daughter loves to walk with us instead of sit in her stroller, which is not always easy. So walking around the mall took a lot longer than it normally would. We did a little shopping, took Riley on a few rides and had lunch. She is still so young that she couldn’t go on many rides. However, the rides she could go on, the adult accompanying the little one gets to ride for free. So needless to say my husband went on only three rides, but many times in a row. Riley was having so much fun!



We had lunch in the food court which, I chose to eat healthy instead of choosing one of the many fast food joints there. I had an amazing salad and fresh green juice from a place called Freshii. It was so delicious and very filling.


I was so busy with everything we were doing, that I didn’t have a chance to look at my phone. I did once so I could get a picture of my lunch. It felt great to just unplug from technology for a bit. I think every now and then it is great to get away from social media and away from always being on our phones. Without my phone I got to enjoy a day with my family and be completely present in the moment.

Let me know in the comments what you like to do on your days off!

8 thoughts on “I took a Day Off

  1. Looks like you got lots of cute clothes and that salad looks awesome! Days off *away from phones* are awesome, but difficult!!! I usually take a ride on my bicycle or go for a run. I love being active and it helps me stay off of my phone (aside from listening to music on it, of course!) your little one seems to be pretty independent! It’s pretty cool!

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  2. My days off usually consist of cutting glass. My phone is closer by though for the purpose of documenting the process. Why, I’m not sure I’ve got an awesome camera I could use instead. I’m sure it’s just due to the ease of incorporating the pictures when I do plug back in.


  3. Days off especially without the phone IS a good thing. BTW, love your main photo – great choice of shoes. LOL And thank you for looking at my blog. A new friend/follower/fan.

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