It took one night to change everything.

book3The Holocaust was a very dark, and terrible time. People who had power used it to hurt, torture, and murder millions of innocent people. Night written by Elie Wiesel, had gone through the concentration camps and made it out alive to tell his story. After his family was sent to the first concentration camp, his family was separated. His mother and sister were sent in one direction, him and his father in a different direction.

His father and him were able to stay alive almost until the very end. They worked in different types of jobs so they wouldn’t be sent to the crematorium. The people who were forced into the concentration camps were given very little to eat, which made many of them to weak to continue on.  Elie Wiesel fought for his and his fathers life. On several occasions Elie would give his food rations to his father, because his father was ill and too weak. He did whatever he could to not be separated from his father.

I believe that Elie is one of the strongest and bravest men I have ever heard of. He fought so hard even when he wanted to give up. After his father passed away from being ill he kept going. Something inside of him knew he was meant to tell the world what really happened during that horrendous time in history.

book1I unfortunately never really learned much about the Holocaust. I was very shocked and left speechless many times reading this book. This story really painted a picture of true horror, knowing that this actually happened. I cannot imagine the cruelty of some individuals. It breaks my heart knowing that in one night many lives were changed, for the worst. So many precious lives were lost during this time. Even though this story is very sad at times, I do recommend that everyone read this book.

What are your thoughts about this book? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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