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Blend It Up

One of my favorite beverages is green juices. I love the taste and how they make me feel. Its hard for me to get my hands on fresh juices because the selection is limited in my town. I was really craving a green juice the other day but didn’t have any at my house. I also don’t own a juicer so I decided to blend one up.  Here is what I used:


A handful of green grapes

A handful of frozen pineapple. I don’t like to add ice to my blended juices, but you can add whatever you like 🙂

A few handfuls of Spinach, I really like spinach so I add a lot.

Greens powder, whatever brand you like

Then I top it off with Coconut water.


Its very similar to a smoothie but I add extra coconut water which makes it more like a juice.

green2If you have any favorite juices leave me a comment below!

I hope you enjoy the recipe, Have a wonderful day!

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