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Gel Envy

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

One of my essentials in life is to have my nails always polished. For some reason I can’t go a day without them being polished. Since I am a mom, and someone who is constantly washing her hands I prefer using gel polishes. I have tried many different brands and so far have only found one that actually doesn’t chip right away.

The brand I am talking about is Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy. I have 2 colors and I am dying to get more. I have a soft pink called Cardshark and a gray called Ace of Spades. Unfortunately, the town I live in doesn’t have many color choices, luckily I love the 2 that I have. Ace of Spades is what I am currently wearing, and it is day 5 and they just started to chip. Now I have been washing dishes every single day and all that fun stuff. Of course it is not the same as going to a salon and having them put gel polish on which lasts awhile but it does go a long way. Another positive is it doesn’t require an LED light.


I definitely recommend this brand, it is a great price and they have a great selection of colors. One bottle of gel polish retails for $4.97 and most stores have a package deal where you can get a polish and the top coat for around $8.00.

If you have tried this polish out let me know what colors you love or if you haven’t tried this out what brands do you like?

Thank you for reading!




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