Let’s talk Tea

Hello everyone! I have had a very busy week/weekend so I wasn’t able to post a blog but don’t worry I am back! 

I write a lot about foods that I love and healthy recipes, but today we are going to talk about tea. I love all different kinds of teas. So I thought I’d tell you a few of my favorite ones. 

My all time favorite tea is Green tea. I enjoy the taste and it has so many benefits. I try and drink at least one green tea a day and I don’t add anything to it. I enjoy the slightly bitter taste it has. 

Recently I have really been loving Green Tea with Mint. It’s refreshing and it has many benefits. Since I have been feeling like I’m getting a cold I have been using this tea mixed with anther tea. 

This is the tea I have been mixing with the green tea and mint. This tea is a matcha green tea with a citrus flavor. For me this tea has to much of a citrus taste so I love adding the mint. It helps tone down the citrus. 

I have a love of cinnamon and will add it to pretty much anything. I was on a hunt for a cinnamon flavored tea, and I found this one. It is amazing, it reminds me of Christmas time and just warms me up. 

Last but not least I really enjoy a chocolate tea when I am craving chocolate. It’s hard for me to stop eating chocolate because I have zero will power so enjoying a chocolate chai tea helps me control the urge to eat all the chocolate. 

If you also have a love for tea let me know what’s your favorite! 

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk Tea

  1. I enjoy drinking green tea, particularly the one with lemon. A few months ago, I started drinking some detox tea called Iaso Tea. It has helped to clear my skin and lose a few pounds.

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  2. I love tea too but I don’t venture far from my normal green tea or orange pekoe…I’m curious about the matcha. I seem to hear about it all the time now but I’m still not sure what it is. For some reason, I thought it was a powder lol.

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