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 Empties #2

Hello! I am here to share more of my empty products with you! I haven’t used up a lot of products and so far I haven’t used up any makeup. I am hoping I do soon, cause then I have an excuse to buy more 😉

Let’s get started! 

This is my all time favorite face wash! I have used up many bottles of this in the past 3 years and I always repurchase. It’s so gentle and it takes off all your makeup. I don’t enjoy face products with intense smells and this one isn’t bad at all. What’s your favorite face wash?

This is my holy grail face moisturizer. I on occasion use this both day and night. For the most part I just use it in the mornings. I find it goes on light and doesn’t leave a greasy layer on my skin. 

I ran out of my shaving gel, and now I have to repurchase. I don’t normally get the same one every time, so if you have a suggestion just let me know! I do like this one though, I have sensitive skin and found this one was very nice. 

Now let’s get to the most depressing empty product. 

If you haven’t tried this lip balm out, you should. I love this, however I cannot afford to purchase another with it being $23.00. The Fresh Sugar lip treatment has an amazing scent, which is lemon, and is very moisurizing. I tried so hard to make this lip treatment last as long as it could. If you have tried this, what did you think of it? 

That’s it for my emptie products for now. If you like these posts, or think I should do something different let me know! I would love your feedback 🙂 

Thank you all for reading! I hope you have a fantastic and safe Halloween! 🎃

P.s. I’m not the best at taking pictures so if you have any tips leave them in the comments. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “ Empties #2

  1. I really need to try that moisturizer. It gets such great reviews! I like to use non-comedogenic products so it would be perfect. I haven’t tried that particular lip balm but I have the Rosé tinted one. I looooove it. Smells so good, hydrating, and gives me a slight rosy tint!!

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