Hello everyone! I hope you all had a funtastic weekend! Mine is always consisting of chasing my toddler. 

I am here today to talk to you about a thrifty store I have been loving. What is this store you might ask? It’s none other than Goodwill. I have always seen them around and had gone into them a couple times. Normally I have zero luck finding things, plus it doesn’t help I get slightly germaphobic. Anyone else like this? Well I decided I wanted to buy some clothes for me and my daughter, and I didn’t want to spend much. My little one is growing like a weed. We just bought her 2T and she is almost too big for them all. So we went to Goodwill yesterday and oh boy we came out with tons of goodies and only spent $33. I couldn’t believe it! 

(Sorry for the poor quality photo)

The store was having 50% off most of their items. I only found a few things for my little one, but I found so many things for me. 

Here are just a few of the things I picked up! With being a a little germaphobic I wanted to wash all the items as soon as possible. I love that there are so many great brands that looked brand new! Some of the items were actually brand new with the tags still on them! 

I am now a huge fan of thrift shopping and cannot wait to go back! Who else loves thrift store shopping? Where are your favorite places to shop? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a magical week!


2 thoughts on “Thrifty 

  1. I like Goodwill as well but I actually prefer Salvation Army (if you have one close enough). So I hit up SA first then Goodwill if I don’t find everything I need. I feel like the prices are better, especially on 50% off days.

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