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Another Empties

Hey there! How are you all today! I’ve had a pretty decent day so far, my little one is finally napping. Yippie mommy time! I thought it was about time to go through my empty products. This way I can toss them out!

So let’s just begin!

If you have seen my other empties or favorites posts, you’d recognize this product. I love Batiste original dry shampoo. I use it almost every single day. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, because let’s face it I hate washing my hair. It takes so much time and energy so I load up on the dry shampoo. I of course recommend this product, and already bought a new one. 

This is the most depressing empty I have. I have been using the It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner and I am obsessed. It has helped my hair so much. I normally have terrible split ends, and this has helped so much. They have been less noticeable, and my hair has gotten much longer and stronger. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy another bottle at this time, so please let me know your favorites! I am always excited to try new products!

I finished up the Dove dry spray deodorant a few months ago and I really liked this. I have had a few bottles of this, but after It was empty I was decided to try a different one. After a couple bottles of this deodorant I decided it wasn’t working how I wanted it to. 

So I picked up the Degree Dry spray to see how well this one worked. After a while of using this I found it worked a lot better than the Dove dry spray. It lasts longer and it costs less. If you were thinking of trying one of these dry sprays, definitely try the Degree spray. 

I had a deluxe sample of the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem cell face mask. This gave me more uses than I thought it would. It left my skin feeling soft and looking healthier. I really enjoyed using this face mask. The one thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was that it didn’t dry down and it was a little harder to wash off. Otherwise this is a great mask to try if you are searching. 

I received this Cetaphil Moisturizing cream in the Walmart Beauty Box. I really liked this sample, it was very moisturizing. It didn’t last long since it was a small sample, but I’d consider purchasing a full size. 

Well that is all of the empties I have at the moment. I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my most used products. What products do you use the most?

Alright, thank you all so much for stopping by! Have a fantastic week 🙂


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