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Oatmeal for 2

Hello everyone! How’s everyone’s day going? So I realize the post I wrote 2 days ago I said happy February 1st and really it was January 31st. Haha wow I truly was out of it that day! But hey I was close right? I hope the real first day of February was good for you all!

One of my favorite and easy breakfast to make for me and my little is oatmeal.

First we grab our bowls and add the amount of oatmeal we want, then we add water. I am normally far to lazy in the morning to cook our oatmeal on the stove top so I cook it in the microwave. So I cook the oatmeal for about 45 seconds and add a mix of berries. 

Then I put the oatmeal back in the microwave for about 45 more seconds. 

Once I take it out I love to add a few dark chocolate chips. It makes such a difference. 

The last thing I add is a sprinkle of cinnamon. This gives it such great flavor!

Once we do that, we settle in to our seats and enjoy our breakfast (I like to stir it up before eating)!

Thank you all for stopping by! If you liked this simple recipe let me know!


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