Random Haul

Hello everyone! Whoohooo it’s Friday! I am so excited it is over 50 degrees here which is incredible since it’s February. I really hope it stays warm, I despise cold weather. It’s such a pain to get all bundled up especially with a little one. 

Anyways, I have a few new items I’ve purchased in the past couple of weeks. They are the most random items, so I’m warning you now. I like to think of myself as a very random person, so I thought why not share with everyone?

Alright the first thing I have is a new skincare item. Since I’m pregnant my skin looks like I am going through puberty but worse. Seriously my skin has never been this bad and I am very self conscious about it. So I purchased an all natural product to see if it can help. It is the Shea Moisture African Black Bar soap. I haven’t used a bar soap since maybe middle school. So far I am really liking it. I haven’t noticed to much of a difference, but I think it’ll probably take time. 

Next up is a hair product. If you saw my last empties post you would have read about my empty leave in conditioner. I have super long hair and my hair is known for spilt ends. It’s very frustrating. I couldn’t afford the It’s a 10 treatment this time, so I found the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine. I love the scent and it is a great price. I’ve noticed my hair looks a little better, but that could be me just hoping it does. 

Another recent purchase I am super excited about is the Norwex cloths. I ordered a pack of 3 on Amazon. It came with an Enviro cloth, a face cloth and a widow polishing cloth. I am a little bummed that they are travel size because I didn’t know that. However, I love using them. All you do is wet the cloth and wipe down whatever you need to. I love that all it needs is water, so no chemicals at all. My little one can help clean which is super fun for her. 

Last but not least, I have a food item. Since being pregnant I have struggled eating meat. I used to love grilled chicken and now the idea makes me sick. So I picked up some protein bars. I know these bars don’t have a ton of protein but they are made of fruits and nuts. I picked up Larabars and they have a great taste. So far my favorite flavor is Pecan Pie and Cashew Cookie. 

Don’t mind my chipped nail, I plan on fixing it asap!

I haven’t tried this flavor yet, but it looks amazing!

All right that is all of my randomness for today! If you have tried any of these let me know how you like them! 

Thank you all so much for reading, have a fantastic weekend!!


7 thoughts on “Random Haul

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  2. I love Lara bars! I would like an update on the African black soap also. I’ve seen it a time or two and have wondered about it! As for Norwex, I love it!! I’ve been using it for a while and just recently became a consultant because I love it so much! If you have any questions, please ask!!

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