Motivation Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was amazing. We spent yesterday moving furniture and ripping up carpet ( by we I mean my hubby and bro in law). I got to hang out with my little munchkin, going on three walks. It was a beautiful day! 

Today we are having new carpet put in, we are one step closer to having our upstairs ready for baby 2. We didn’t sleep as well last night and my little one woke up around 7:20 am. Let’s hope she stays in a good mood!

Most Mondays are hard for many people. I happen to be included in that even though I stay home. For some reasons Monday’s are just a long exhausting day. So I thought I’d start today with a motivating quote. 

I love this quote. It is one of my all time favorite motivation/fitness quotes. This is also one thing I used to struggle with growing up.  For example, I always wanted to have the “perfect” body. It took me a long time to realize that there is no such thing as perfect. If we focus on perfection, we will never be happy with the results that we end up with. I now work on progress because we can always work on bettering ( is that a word?) ourselves. I want to be able to show and teach this to my daughter and baby #2. I’m not sure if I am making full sense since I didn’t get the best sleep. 

Let’s all go out and have a fantastic Monday! 

Thank you all for stopping by! Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Many times I say to myself “not perfect, but GOOD ENOUGH”. Sometimes doing something any old way is progress,and I drive myself nuts if I want perfection. So “good enough” can be the answer. I watch my hubby, much more of a perfectionist, take hours on a task for which I might dedicate only minutes. We just have different ways of doing things. As you say, many times there is no perfect way or thing to be.

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  2. Great quote – very helpful as I embark on a new baby sleep training challenge… Mondays are hard for me too even though I stay at home… It’s the first day back from having help and adult company all weekend!

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