Haul Time

Hello all! How’s everyone’s weekend going? We have been busy getting our upstairs back in order. Yes, it has taken us a week and we still haven’t gotten everything put back. Oh well, we are going slow to make sure it’s exactly how we’d like it. 

Today I am here with a few odds and ends I have purchased recently. I have used or tried most of these items already so I can give my honest opinion on them!

Alright let’s get started. 

I love Soap and Glory products. They have an amazing scent and are really nice to use. This little package comes with a loofa, a body wash and a body lotion. I have used these products many times before and love them. They just have such a clean scent to them. 

I found this product, Mighty Muffins about a year or so ago at our local GNC and every time I go there I always pick some up. The peanut butter and double chocolate are my absolute favorites. They are packed full of protein, have an amazing taste and keep me full. I did purchase the Smores flavor but didn’t like it at all. It tasted dry. 

I purchased this on Amazon for $5! The color is Spring in my Step. It is the perfect spring color. I put it on immediately and am in total love!

I found these babies at one of our local stores for only $19.99! They were originally $65.99. These are Puma running shoes.  When I saw them I just had to get them! They are super comfortable and I love them! I’m hoping it warms up soon so I can use them more!! 

We all know I am obsessed with Batiste dry shampoo. I found this new scent at Walmart. I have yet to try this out but I can’t wait!

Alright that is all I have for you today, if you have tried any of these let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for stopping by!


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