Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well! Yesterday I recieved a complimentary voxbox from Influenster. If you haven’t heard of them I totally recommend checking them out. I’ll leave the info at the end. 

So when this Box came in the mail, I was very excited. I never get mail! Little things like this excited me haha. Anyways, in this box I recieved a Mccormick’s Organic Taco seasoning, Motts applesauce, Peeps, Wet n Wild 1 Step Wondergel, Eva Nyc Clean it up shampoo, Eva Nyc Therapy Hair mask and 2 perfume samples. I was shocked with how many items came in here. I have used/tried a few products already. 

My daughter and hubby were extremely happy to see this. These are the Peeps Delights Coconut dipped in chocolate marshmallows. This retails for $$1.99. My husband saw the coconut and since he hates coconut didn’t try them. My daughter wanted to rip these open the second she saw them. So I gave her one and needless to say she didn’t like it. I don’t know if it was the taste or texture because she’s 2. I tried a tiny bite, but I hate Peep marshmallows so I wasn’t a fan. If you like Peeps, chocolate and coconut these are definitely for you!

My hand looks awkward sorry about that!

I was keen as a bean to see this in the box. I had been wanting to try this polish out but hadn’t gotten around to buying one. So Riley and I had a little polish party yesterday. We love it! It dries fast and the color is beautiful. It is in the shade Per-wink-le-of an eye. This retails for $4.99. 

I’m was the most excited for these 2 items. The first is the Eva Nyc Clean It Up shampoo. It helps nourish and revitalize. I used this shampoo this Morning and I love it. My hair felt super clean and healthy. This costs $9.99 for full size. Next up is the Eva Nyc hair mask. Now, I haven’t used a hair mask in awhile so I was super excited. This made my hair feel super soft and refreshed.  The scent is great for both products. This mask is $11.99 full size. 

My little one will eat this up as a snack. The packaging is great and easy to take on the go. 

I haven’t used this yet, but I will be trying it out when I make tacos next! 

Lastly, 2 samples of Vera Wang Embrace perfumes. The scents I recieved are Green Tea and Pear Blossom and Periwinkle and Iris. I am not a fan of either scent. They are too strong for my liking, so I won’t be using these. 

Influenster is a cool site for bloggers to use. It helps answer questions and survey products. Go check their site out Influenster. It is totally free to join. 

As a disclaimer I did receive these products for free but my opinions are all my own. I will never say I like a product if I don’t. 

Thank you all so much for reading! 


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