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Parents night out

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! My weekend was very busy! We had something going on every day. I’m still exhausted from it. 

So last week my husband says to me we should have date night this Friday. I will never turn down date night since we rarely get the chance. I found a babysitter and he planned it. Well all week he kept having to run secret errands, he likes to surprise me and I always ask a million questions. I was so curious what he had in mind all week and every time I asked what he was doing for his “errands” he wouldn’t answer. All I was told was to go buy a dress and be ready! So I found a dress that I already owned, being pregnant and finding dresses isn’t easy. 

Ohh the surprises he had in place on Friday! He picked me up in an SUV (we own cars, so he rented one) with a plaque invite and my favorite flowers. He put so much time and energy into making the plaques and finding all our favorite flowers. It was the sweetest thing. My husband and 3 of our brother in laws came up with Wife Appreciation Day. So we went and picked up my sister in laws and drove to a fancy dinner. 

Sorry the pic is dark

When we arrived at dinner the server brought out a strawberry swan, the chef heard it was Wife Appreciation Day and wanted it to be special. It was incredible. My hubby thought of everything! 

At the end of dinner the server brought out 4 small double layer chocolate cakes for the special occasion. We were all so full so we had them box them up! 

I had a great night out with my husband! When we got home my little munchkin was snoring sweetly on the couch. 
Thank you all for reading! Have a great week!

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