Motivation Monday #?

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? We had a busy but relaxing time. My little one and I enjoyed a couple walks by the water which was very peaceful and beautiful. My daughter loves to go on walks just as much as I do!

One thing I’ve been working on recently is prenatal yoga. I have noticed that it calms me and puts me in such a good space. I feel more motivated, energetic, my muscles aren’t as tight and it just makes me feel amazing. 

I enjoy finding beautiful quotes and I found one that reminds me of yoga and how we should all find a way to grow. 

No matter what we go through we can always grow in a positive way. We have to dig deep to find out who we are and grow from there! It might take time but it’ll be worth it. One of my other favorite quotes is practice makes progress, and I believe that goes for becoming the best versions of ourselves. 

Thank you all so much for reading and following me on my journey of life!

I hope you all have a magical Monday!


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