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Just 12 Weeks Left 

Hey there! I hope your week is going well! 

On Monday we had our 28 week checkup. The first thing I had to do was get my glucose test done. Now if you haven’t had to take a glucose test (I’m sure there are tons who haven’t) it isn’t the funniest thing. They give you a bottle of “juice” aka sugar water with some flavoring, which you need to drink within five minutes. Then you can’t eat anything for an hour, once your hour is up they take some blood from you. A lot of you are probably like “it’s no big deal to have your blood drawn”, and I know it’s not. However, I hate needles. They freak me out when they stab me with those things. But hey, after I got that done my 2 1/2 year old told me that it’s ok and I’m berry brave. It was so sweet of her. 

Once we got to have our actual checkup the nurse looks at me and says ” you are due for a tetanus shot”. Um excuse me I just got stabbed with a needle why do I have to have another needle come at me? Again, once it was over my toddler told me it’s ok and that I’m brave. What a little sweetheart she is. 

My dr checked the heartbeat and all sounds good. I was very surprised when she said we have checkups every 2 weeks now. Wow does time really fly. I can’t believe there is only 12 weeks left! I feel like I have so much I have to get done before baby is here and no time or energy to do it. So far we have like 6 outfits for him. Poor little one will just be naked because we are slacking on getting clothes ready haha. On the bonus I love shopping at GoodWill and they always receive stock from Target, so I buy as many baby clothes as I can!

Alright, I’m sure I’ve rambled on long enough. Thank you all so much for reading!!

2 thoughts on “Just 12 Weeks Left 

  1. I was lucky that I never had to take the glucose test. I don’t know if they just forgot to give it to me or what haha. I hate needles also. Pregnancy was the worst for always wanting blood work. Ughhh needles are the worst!

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