April Favorites 

Hey everyone, I hope your weekend was amazing! Can you all believe it is already May 1st? I’m still in shock. We had a very busy weekend, on Friday we babysat my twin nephews and went through some of there clothes. My sister in law gave me so many outfits for my little mr! Now I have to wash them all and get them put away. Saturday seemed like it was even crazier of a day, it was my birthday, I had my other sister in laws baby shower, I had a few small tasks I had to get done like moving our workout room from upstairs to downstairs. I didn’t help with that, I supervised ;). 

Anyways, next thing I knew it was May. So I thought let’s talk about my favorite items I’ve been loving. Now these are all pretty random again ( I’m probably the most random person you’ll ever meet). 

Before I was a mommy I had to always wear makeup. I wouldn’t even go to Walmart without any on. Of course once I became a mom I became way too tired to attempt to put makeup on. However, there are days where I just feel the need to put a little on to make me look less like a zombie. I have the sample size of the Bareminerals Original Powder Foundation and I love it. I just apply a little concealer for a bit extra coverage and top it with this foundation. I find it makes my skin look really nice and it isn’t heavy. Once this sample is gone I plan on purchasing the full size. 

So if anyone knows me they know I suck at doing laundry, well cleaning in general. So sometimes I’ll start a load of laundry and either forget that I started it or forget that I didn’t empty the dryer out. Sometimes this happens over night and I don’t like to just throw my wet clothes in the dryer. So I take a little Lemon essential oils and put about 2 drops or so into my washer and just give it a little rinse and spin. It takes away the mildew scent and I don’t have to rewash completely. I’ve had to do this a couple times this month 🙊. Who else is guilty of this? 

I’m sure by now you all know my love of yoga. I try and do prenatal yoga a few times a week to calm my mind and stretch. I am obsessed with this purple yoga mat that I order online from Amazon. It is so soft and comfortable and I don’t slip and slide all over while trying to practice yoga. The best part about this mat is it is long enough for my 5 foot 9 inches and I’m not pushed on the floor. If you are looking for a good yoga mat I suggest going to Amazon and picking this one up! They have so many different colors and patterns. 

I have been living in this shirt since I bought it from Kohls a couple years ago. It’s a loose fit shirt and just so comfortable. Now that I am super pregnant I only have a couple shirts that fit me ( I can’t seem to find any clothes right now, any mama probably understands the struggle). This shirt fits me perfectly with a big ole belly and I just love it. 

Since it was warm for part of April I was wearing my favorite Pink legging capris. I own a few different pairs and I just love them. These are the ones I wear when I am not pregnant also. I love that the band doesn’t hurt my belly and I can just be super comfortable but still look semi put together. Of course it is cold here again so I am stuck wearing sweat pants or full length leggings that don’t really fit me that well. 
Alright, that concludes my random favorites of the month. What are your favorite products or clothing you have been loving this month?

Thank you all so much for reading!


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