34 Weeks

Hey there! Happy Friday evening! 

It has been a very long but fun week. I feel like I have got nothing done around the house but need too. My thought is: adulting is difficult. 

I took my daughter to the mall yesterday where she got to ride the carousel, which is her ultimate favorite, and we went to a place called Sea Life. She was in heaven. She loves sea creatures and even got to touch a couple. We also did a little shopping at Old Navy. I must say that is one of my all time favorite stores to shop at. I’ll do a little Haul post in a day or so!

Today started out great, I hit 34 weeks of pregnancy which is super exciting. The end is near and we will get to meet our little Mr.   Well as the day went on I started to feel some consistent contractions and sometimes I can’t tell if they are Braxton hicks or the real deal. Any other moms feel this way while pregnant? Well I didn’t want to chance going into labor while I was at the store so my hubby told me to go in and double check. I had to lay there for three hours while they monitored the contractions. Luckily they were just false alarms, as excited as I am for little man I need him to wait til closer to his due date. So they sent me home and told me to take it easy. I am not very good at that when I am told to do so, especially when my house looks like a tornado hit ( thank you Riley Mae for leaving every single toy you own out). I sat for a bit then decided I better start picking up. However my little one woke up not long later and destroyed the area all over again. Oh well at least she was entertained. 

Now time to enjoy some Red Raspberry leaf tea and some cuddles. 

Thank you all so much for reading! I appreciate all of you so much!

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