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Old Navy: You are my Favorite 

Hey everyone! Today has been a long one so far and guess what? It’s only 10:00 am. My little one was on a roll yesterday of being the naughtiest she could be. No worries, I think she succeeded. Well she thought this morning “let’s wake mommy up at 6:25 am and then continue the terror from yesterday “.  What a crazy thought from a two year old right?

Anyways enough about my struggles, last week I went to the mall so Riley could go to Sea Life. She absolutely loved it and so did I. It’s my dream to live by the water someday. After we saw the amazing sea life we decided to go to Old Navy. Have I ever mentioned my love for that store? Let’s just say I am obsessed! They always have the best sales and deals. We purchased a few things, so I thought I’d give you a peak!

Now I only got a couple things for me, as nothing fits me right now. Of course I bought 2 of 3 items that won’t fit until I’m not pregnant. I couldn’t resist!

I’m sorry for the shitty pic, I need to work on my picture skills

I purchased this top in XL and it fits my big ole bump. It only cost a little under $5! Thank you clearance!I accidentally put it in the dryer so we will see how it fits now. 

Again, sorry about the quality of the pic

This tank is a Medium and was under $3! It won’t fit for a couple months but I couldn’t say no!

I love little workout jackets they are so comfortable and work with pretty much anything! This was kind of expensive being $36. 

Aright, I love little kid clothes and my daughter only has winter clothes so she needed some cute summer outfits!

Riley is wearing this outfit as we speak and it is so cute! These items were both 50% off and I just love them. Can I have one in my size please?

I have an obsession with pineapples, they are beautiful decor and I love the fruit too. These were 50% off and they had a pair in mint green as well!

Again, so adorable and each of these were 50% off I believe. 

Ok this is my favorite outfit we picked out! I seriously want these shorts and tank in my size! They were I think 50% off or somewhere near that. But seriously, why can’t they make these cute outfits for adults too? Riley wore this outfit the next day because she loves it too! 

That is all we bought at Old Navy. We will be back to do some more damage another day! But honestly we didn’t do much damage as everything was on sale or clearance. 

What’s your favorite store to shop at? 

Thank you all so much for reading! 


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