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Let’s talk Prenatal Yoga

Hello all! I hope you all have had an amazing week. As we are gearing up for the weekend I thought I would discuss one of my favorite activities. 

In my mind weekends are all about relaxing and enjoying your time with your loved ones. I know some people work weekends, I used to work every weekend as a server before my daughter was born. Even though I worked all the time I still found time to have some “me” time or fun time. 

At that time in my life I wasn’t doing prenatal yoga, but now that’s what I do! When I was pregnant with my daughter, Riley, I did prenatal yoga for only a few weeks and just didn’t have time or energy to continue. With my second pregnancy I have managed to do way more and even had Riley join me. It’s so cute watching a little 2 year old try yoga!

Oh man my bump was so little there!

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga in general, and the benefits are amazing while your pregnant. 

  • Helps with stress levels : if you have other children, work a lot, have other stress related things, yoga really helps.  Since you are growing a tiny nugget the stress from trying to prepare for baby can be a lot and I have found yoga has calmed me. 
  • Keeps you in shape:  gaining weight while pregnant is normal, yoga just helps tone everything up without having to do rigorous activities. 
  • Helps prepare for labor:  Yoga teaches you to control your breathing, thoughts and more. It also helps get your body ready for the big day. 
  • Calms your nervous system:  It’s amazing how calm and happy you feel once you have finished yoga. I’m not a pro at this but I can say from experience that it works wonders!
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps with balance:  What I have noticed and experienced, as your belly grows your balance goes. I am a clumsy person to begin with and let’s just say an added belly doesn’t help. Since I have been more consistent with prenatal yoga my balance has gotten much better. 
  • Gives a deeper connection with you and baby:  Yoga makes you sit down and acknowledge your movements and breaths. Pregnancy can be a very exciting and difficult time for many, so slowing down you get to focus more on the health of you and baby. 

There are tons more but these are the main ones that stuck out to me. When I finish yoga my whole body feels completely relaxed and calm. It’s amazing what a little self love can do. 

If you have tried yoga let me know your thoughts! If you have any questions regarding Yoga or Prenatal Yoga I can try and answer to the best of my ability. 

 I also want to make clear I am not a licensed yoga instructor,or Dr. It’s best to consult with your Doctor before performing any activities especially if you haven’t tried them before.    

Thank you all so much for reading! 

Have a magical weekend!


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