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Packing My Bag

Hello everyone! How’s your week been? I would like you to know that I have Mother Goose Club nursery rhymes stuck in my head so sorry if I get off track. Also if you or your child have never heard of Mother Goose Club, don’t look it up. Your child will torture you with it forever. 

So as of Friday I will be 36 weeks pregnant. It’s so crazy how fast this has gone! I’m so looking forward to little Mr to make his debut because I have about three shirts that fit me right now.  This week my hubby and I have been focusing on getting everything ready for him to be here. We cleaned our cars ( they were extremely disgusting, I don’t like to clean), put the car seat base in, and much more. I thought it was probably time to pack my hospital bag since I could have him anytime. I know there are millions of lists that share with you what to pack in your bag, so I thought why not add another?

I’ll start with what I packed in the diaper bag for the little Mr. 

I seriously need to get better at taking pics

We got this bag from our baby shower with Riley. It is drom Target and it’s Eddie Bauer. I love how spacious it is and that your man won’t feel super awkward carrying it around. 

  • A swaddle blanket-  they will give you one in the hospital but I like to have my own. We have the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets and we love them. They are so light weight and large enough to swaddle. 
  • Going home outfit
  • A couple onesies
  • 2 pairs of pajamas
  • Hat 
  • Car seat and base ( they won’t let you take baby home without it)

For Daddy:

Daddies are the least high maintenance ones to pack for. 

  • Boxers- pack a couple pair, you never know how long you’ll be there
  • 2 outfits- again you never know how long you’ll be there
  • Pajamas or something to sleep in
  • Toiletry bag 
  • Phone charger
  • His pillow if he wants 

Now on the mommy portion of the bag. I only pack the essentials for me as I was so tired and didn’t do much with anything I brought last time. 

  • Sweatpants- the looser the better, you will most likely be wearing a large almost diaper out of there so I like baggy sweats so no one can tell. I also packed 2 pair just in case. 
  • Shirts – you will still look about 6 months pregnant after baby is born so don’t go for the skin tight shirt you’ve been dying to wear again. 
  • Nursing bra- unless you aren’t going to nurse
  • Nursing pillow – this was helpful when I was trying to learn the positions to nurse. 
  • Nursing pads- nursing your baby or not you will want these because you will leak. 
  • Socks- I packed fuzzy socks because hospitals are cold and these are just cozy. 
  • Sandals or flip flops – for walking around the hospital before or after baby is here.
  • Toiletries: 



               – hair tye 

               – face wash and moisturizer 

                – hand lotion: remember hospitals are dry

                 – dry shampoo 

                 – shampoo/ conditioner 

                 – razor

                 – chapstick 

             Whatever else you use on a daily basis that you will need while staying. 

  • Phone charger 
  • Camera
  • Pillow – yes they have pillows there but they aren’t as comfortable as having our own. 
  • Prenatal vitamins – if you plan on nursing you will still need to take these so you and your baby are getting the right nutrients. 
  • Baby gift from sibling- if you have older kids have them pick out a gift for the new baby. They will feel like they are more connected and apart of it. 
  • Gift for older sibling- we plan on picking out a gift for Riley so she doesn’t feel left out or like we forgot about her. It’s going to be a tough transition for the older sibling as they were the only child for so long. 
  • Anything else you feel you might want to bring

Sometimes you will have time to sit whether you are waiting for baby to make his or her appearance or while baby is sleeping. When my daughter was born we rented a movie and watched, otherwise you can always bring books, magazine, or anything else to keep you entertained. 

I also didn’t add makeup to my list which a lot of mommies normally bring along. I brought mine when I had Riley and I honestly never used it. I was so exhausted and I just didn’t care because I was so excited about holding my new baby. Obviously you can bring whatever you’d like, I just found it was much easier to leave it at home. 


If you have other kids, find someone to watch them for while you are in the hospital and pack all their necessities and maybe a couple of goodies to make them feel at home. 

I feel like I am forgetting to add things to this list, excuse my mommy brain. Anyways that’s all I could think of and all that I have ready to go for us. If you have any other suggestions let me know!

Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you have a great rest of your week! 

P.s. I’m giving you all high fives for continuing to read this post that seems like a novel 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Packing My Bag

  1. Oh my goodness I cannot believe its nearly time! Wasn’t it only yesterday I was reading about your 20 week scan?? The time has flown!! So excited for you guys!! Best wishes to you and your family!! Good luck 😘 xxx

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