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It’s all in the name 

Hello! How’s everyone’s Saturday? 

Today I decided to treat myself and got a mani with my little and now she is napping (thankfully she has been in a fowl mood all day and this mama is too tired for it). 

The other night Riley begged us for some ice cream and since she actually ate her dinner (yay!) we thought of course! So we all went and picked out ice creams. 

Now, I’m not a big ice cream eater. I will have it on occasion but it’s pretty rare. I had heard of the brand Halo Top and kept hearing everyone rave about it. Well I actually found some at the store! 

The first thing I noticed is the adorable packaging. Seriously how cute is this? They had so many different flavors but I chose Birthday Cake. For the pint of ice cream it was a little under $5!

I love that it is all natural ingredients, low calorie, protein, low sugar, and is so delicious. I could only eat a few bites because it was super sweet but man it’s good. I still can’t get over that there is only 280 calories in the entire pint! 

This pint will probably last me awhile but I plan on trying a couple other flavors afterwards! If you are curious on their other flavors you can visit their site Halo Top. They also share more information about their ice cream and where to find them! 

Have you tried this brand? If so what’s your favorite flavor?

Thank you all so much for reading! Have a fantastic and safe weekend!


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