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I’ve got the chills

They’re multiplying… anyone else sing Grease songs to yourself daily? Just me? I was up til after midnight writing this post and feeding Mico and my post just wasn’t loading. I checked again this morning and it still wouldn’t load. I was getting so frustrated, mainly because Mico thought it was a fabulous idea to stay up all night. He tries to eat every 1-2 hours and I don’t know why. I’m exhausted. 

Anyways, the other day it was cold here ( I live in Minnesota) and I hate being cold. I prefer to be in 80-90 degree weather because I’m always cold. I know not the best state to live in right?  So I dug out my favorite cardigan. 

I purchased this cardigan back in January at Forever 21. It was on sale for $15 and I am so glad I bought it. It is the perfect shade of blush and looks great with leggings or jeans. I have only worn it with leggings because I was pregnant when I bought it and  postpartum now so jeans don’t fit me at the moment. 

I really love how soft the material is, I have a sensitivity to certain textures. It isn’t scratchy at all. I really like that you can wear it when it’s winter or on a chilly summer day. 

One of the best things about this sweater is it’s nursing friendly. There are two ways to go about it, pulling it down or unbuttoning it. I always unbutton because it’s easier and as a mom of two I need it to be easy. 

I also was able to wear this while pregnant as well. This is me at 40 weeks and there was still room to grow. 

The one thing I am not a fan of is that it’s handwash only. Like I said before I like simple and easy, and handwashing clothes is not simple or easy. Since it’s my favorite sweater I just suck it up and handwash it. 

If you can find this sweater this coming season at Forever 21 buy them all up, just remember to leave some for me! They are great Basics for this fall and winter. I plan on searching high and low for more of these because I am obsessed. 
Thank you all so much for stopping by! 

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