Decluttering is good for the soul

Hey guys! So this past week we have been going hard at decluttering our 3 story house. How is it that we accumulate so much stuff in such a short time?? It took us 2 days just to declutter the basement and we still have to tackle the upstairs. It’s exhausting going through everything. 

This process has definitely opened my eyes. I have realized that I don’t need all of those little odds and ends I told myself I’d use or display. It’s been freeing to get rid of most of our stuff. In less than a month we will be moving into a one level, one bedroom home. It’s cute and cozy and will be an exciting adventure for our family of 4 plus a dog. 

These are just 2 small piles of clothes I donated to Goodwill or gave to my best friend. I have gotten rid of half of my wardrobe; most of the clothes I’ve had since my freshmen year of college. I have always been a pack rat especially with clothes. I always tell myself that I will wear it someday or it’ll fit me again soon. So I decided to get rid of things I haven’t worn in a year or just wasn’t loving. I am so proud of myself for finally letting go of things that just don’t suit me anymore. 

The best part is now I get to go shopping because I have no clothes left that really fit me and I dotnated most of it! 

At this point we have donated over 30 totes packed full of things we do not use or need. We have also got rid of a bunch of furniture that we can’t fit into our new home. It really is amazing what decluttering can do for a person. I feel much happier knowing that someone else will be able to use and enjoy the items we no longer had space for. 

If you’ve thought about decluttering I suggest you just go for it! It’s like a weight is lifted off our shoulders. 

There are tons of places you can donate your items too such as Goodwill, any thrift store, the Salvation Army and much more. You can also donate to the people in Texas who have been affected by the hurricane. 
Thank you all for stopping by! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

8 thoughts on “Decluttering is good for the soul

  1. Decluttering is so freeing! I’ve been doing a little bit at a time (I don’t have full spousal buy-in), and even though there’s still a lot to do, it’s great to have less stuff to deal with – especially when it’s stuff you don’t even use. Bravo for getting so much done in one go!

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  2. 30 totes?! That’s a ton of stuff. Any chance you counted how many things there were? I’m about 5 weeks into a year long decluttering project, but I’m measuring progress by how many things I get rid of. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Oh we have added more totes to the decluttering! I’d say we have hit close to 40 or more! The totes we’ve brought to donation have been packed as full as we could get them! We have a 3 level home that’s full of so much stuff and are now moving to a one level house with no garage or space to store anything. Haha it’s been an interesting task but well worth it!

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