Just a little update 

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great week! It’s Friday night here in Minnesota, I’m sitting on the floor by my daughters door waiting for her to fall to sleep. Seriously that’s the only way she goes to sleep. My son is currently in his swing staring off into space waiting for his next meal. These little ones are amazing if I do say so myself. 

This has been such a long week for me and it’s been slightly stressful. We have been gearing up and getting ready to move in less than a month and my hubby has military training for the majority of this month. Someone send wine (just kidding I’m nursing my little dude, a girl can dream right?). 

It’s not wine but it’ll have to do for now

With it being such a busy month we have managed to downsize so much before our big move. If you haven’t checked out my last post about our declutter, take a peak and let me know your thoughts! I actually got rid of clothes even though it killed me to do so! 

This coming week is going to be so much fun. Ok Tuesday I have a barre workout class I joined last week. I am so out of shape from having Mico and I am so excited to get back to maybe my pre pregnancy size. Then on Wednesday Riley has her first night of gymnastics. I am so excited to help her and watch her try something new. It’s going to be amazing! If any of your kids have done gymnastics what did they think of it? My daughter is not yet 3 and she isn’t the greatest at following directions so this will be interesting. The rest of the week will consist of more packing and prepping for our move. 

Well my littlest is starting to get super fussy so like always thank you for following along on my journey. If you like these type of posts or have any suggestions let me know!


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