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A New Day

Happy Monday! Wow this has been a crazy week for us. Last Monday we moved into our new home. If anyone remembers me talking about it, it’s a one level home with less than 700 square feet. It is super cozy and we are almost finished getting it set up! The next day we had plumbing issues which was super annoying but we got it fixed, Wednesday Riley had gymnastics. She did so amazing and her daddy got to be there to help her. On Saturday we had family pictures so we of course were scrambling last minute to find clothes (this happens every time). I went to Target to find our tops and found 3 out of 4 so I’d call that a win. I was a bit disappointed in their baby boy selection. 

The top I found for me is amazing and is similar to a top sold at Nordstrom ( I might be obsessed with that store). I tried it on and fell in love. The brand of this top sells the most incredible clothes. I own a few shirts and I want all of them. If you haven’t heard of the brand A New Day go to Target and start shopping.

The pictures don’t do this top justice ( I tried to link it but it’s not on the Target website). It is only $24.99 and there are a few different colors. I love the bell sleeves with the ties, it’s just the little details. It’s long enough to wear with leggings and just the softest material. I paired this top with the only skinny jeans I have that actually fit. It’s loose enough to cover my mommy tummy so I didn’t feel self conscious for pictures. 

They have the most comfortable tees, the material is so soft and loose. They have a bunch of different colors and styles to choose from. 

I love that you can dress them up or dress them down. I have worn these tops with joggers, leggings, and they would look cute with jeans. They are only $8 so Stock up! If you don’t like the scoop neck they have the vintage v-neck tees which are just as comfortable. 

This brand is becoming my all time favorite. They have the feel of high end at a good price. I have many items on my wish list such as a really cozy cardigan for $30! 

If you’ve tried this brand out let me know your favorite peices (I’ll probably love them too and have to buy them to try them 😄). If you haven’t I suggest running to your local Target and buying it all (my hubby wouldn’t allow me to buy it all… how rude). 
Thank you all for stopping by!

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