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Y’all it’s been a rough day. We have had throwing and screaming tonight and I about lost it. When my daughter doesn’t get what she wants when she wants it, she gives a bunch of sassy attitude and throws or hits. Tonight she chose to throw something, and I have explained to her many times we don’t hit or throw out of anger or ever. It’s just not clicking with her, I’m hoping it’s just a phase. She then proceeded to scream cry for about 20-25 minutes which led to her brother crying because it scared him. 

With it being the most difficult nights ever I am taking the time to take a deep breath and write down how grateful I am for my little humans. They might test my patience (I have basically zero patience everyday), frustrate me, make me sad, but I would be completely lost without them. I am so grateful that they challenge me, show me a new way to see things, make me laugh, have dance parties in the kitchen (guys I CAN’T dance to save my life), be more present and I have never loved someone more (other than their daddy 😉 ). These little loves make me so happy even when they infuriate me. 

When I’m having a rough day with the kiddos I try and do a lot of deep breathing. Some days I find it hard to pull myself together. On days like today it helps me to think of everything that I’m grateful for. 

* My beautiful kids- they bring so much joy and happiness even on the dark days. 

* My hubby- he works extremely hard so I can stay home to raise our littles. He then comes home and spends time with us, or makes dinner if it’s been a crazy day for me, or cleans the house. He doesn’t complain often which I am grateful for. 

* A house to live in- not all are so lucky 

* Food to eat- unfortunately this isn’t the case for a lot of people in the world

* Water

* Clothes

There are countless things that I am so happy and grateful for. I know that these hard days won’t last forever and I’m sure someday way far, super far in the future I’ll miss it (maybe not the super shit days but you never know). 

I also try and fit in a workout. It might only be 5 or 10 minutes but I always feel better and a bit calmer. 
If you are having a hard day and you feel like things aren’t looking up, remember you aren’t alone. 
Thank you all for stopping by!


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