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Monday Monday 

Hey y’all! Happy… Monday! I for some reason couldn’t remember the day, and most likely it’s probably going to be Tuesday when you are reading this. It’s been quite a day so I’m a little lost and confused. 

This past week has been super crazy busy. We have been working hard on getting all of our projects on our new house out of the way. We have also been trying to organize everything. There was a few days last week we didn’t have a toilet or a shower so that was an experience. Haha we ended up staying at my sister in laws because not being able to go to the bathroom isn’t possible for me. In the end we got it all fixed and our bathroom is looking pretty good. We tiled the floor and added a bathtub and tiled the surrounding walls. 

Since today is Monday my 2 sister in laws and I have started on a new healthy journey. We have decided we are going to eat clean and workout 3 days a week. This never used to be a problem for me until I became pregnant with Mico. Today has been a little rough since I have such a sweet tooth and zero will power. 

For breakfast I had a bowl of quinoa topped with peanut butter, vanilla Greek yogurt, honey and a couple dark chocolate chips and a banana.  This was absolutely delicious and I plan on having it again tomorrow. If you haven’t tried it you should give it a go!

Seriously so good! I’m excited for breakfast knowing this is what’s being served.

Then for lunch my sis in law made an amazing chicken burrito bowl using her instant pot. I seriously need to get one of these bad boys. They cook up so quick and can be used for so many things. 

We also managed to get in a 20 minute workout with 3 screaming toddlers and 2 sleeping babies. It was amazing that we were able to do it. 

Later on we made some infused waters using the instant pot and made them into ice cubes. This way our water will have a bit of flavor. 

It’s been such a busy day and I’m hoping we can all keep up with the healthy lifestyle. If anyone would like to join let me know! I will keep you all posted on my workouts and meals. Check out my instagram as well for more updates:  AngandMae. 
Thank you all for stopping by!


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