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Skin Laundry

Happy Thursday! Wow this week is flying by and I am ok with that. I have been busy with my little  ones. Riley has been working very hard on potty training and has done amazing! Mico has had some sleep regression unfortunately, so lots of coffee has been keeping me sane.. just kidding I only have decaf. 

Anyways for the last couple months I have been trying out a new moisturizer. For the longest time I have used First Aid Beauty Daily Moisturizer and decided to try something else. The one thing I looked for when searching for a moisturizer was SPF. I think it’s very important to protect the skin no matter what the weather is doing. I searched on Sephora and found Skin Laundry Daily SPF Moisturizer. It was $25 for the smallest size. 

I really like the packaging. There’s a pump so I don’t have to dip my hand into the lotion that can cause bacteria. It has a scent of sunscreen but it’s protecting my skin so it doesn’t bother me. The one thing I am not so keen on is how thick it is. I find it a little difficult with one pump to spread on my face, neck and décolletage. Other than that I really like it.

I began using this moisturizer back in September and I still have half left. You don’t need a whole lot, one to two pumps is plenty. 

I definitely recommend switching to a moisturizer with SPF if you haven’t already! I will not be repurchasing this one because I’d like to try others out to find the best one. It’s a good moisturizer if you are on the hunt for one. 

If you’ve tried this what are your thoughts? What is your favorite daily moisturizer with SPF?
Thank you all so much for stopping by!


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