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Coffee Chats

Happy Saturday! We are on week 2 of our Saturday morning Coffee Chats and I am pretty excited about it. I’m just sitting back on my couch sipping coffee while little miss colors and watches cartoons and little man is sitting next to me. It’s been a week that’s for sure. I wish I could be sipping a cocktail but I think that’s frowned upon this early?  So today’s chat will be about coloring your little ones hair. Are you for it or against it? Keep reading to read my thoughts. Alright, hair we go (if you are a parent and have seen Trolls a million times you’ll know this quote 🤣). 

The other day Riley was making me watch LEGO Friends for the 100th time this week and she asked her daddy if she could color her hair like one of the characters. We brushed it off and she then wanted to color her hair red like Ariel’s. We thought about it and decided sure why not. She will love it and it’s fun! So we went to the store and bought a couple colors of koolaid. That’s right we used koolaid to color her hair and let me tell you, it turned out amazing! 

I’m not like other moms, I’m a cool mom (😉 only time I’ve been able to throw out that quote from Mean Girls )

She’s so blonde so it turned out perfect! The second she saw it in the mirror she was so happy and excited. Not everyone will be ok with coloring their little ones hair but I think it’s cute. The look on her face made it all worth it. 

Saturday’s are for cartoons and coffee

We used 2 packets of blue Koolaid if anyone is interested in trying it out. It only lasts in the Hair for about 2 weeks. 
Let me know your thoughts, no worries if you don’t agree or like it I won’t be offended! 
As always, thank you so much for stopping by! Have an amazing weekend!


8 thoughts on “Coffee Chats

  1. I love it! It looks adorable. Probably the only reason I wouldn’t want to color my little’s hair would be a selfish one – not wanting to put it in! Does the Kool-Aid stay pretty well? Not coming off on clothes/pillows, etc? I’ve never tried it.

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    1. Haha I made my hubby do it cause that’s a lot of work for me. Nope it doesn’t transfer at all, we had her not wear a shirt while we did it but otherwise no issues. I had never done it either and I think it’s just so fun.

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  2. It took me a few to find your comment box! Lol Im new at this!
    I think it is wonderful to encourage your child to express themselves. I would much rather teach my kids to be comfortable being unique, cuz lets face it, we all are! Ive had my little girl come home upset because other kids were calling her creepy because she was a tomboy and loved creepy crawly things. I taught her to embrace who she is as long as it makes her happy. That is of course as long as its not harmful or permanent. It builds confidence! 2 of my 3 kids have unnatural hair colors right now. Its not permanent. Love the cool aid idea though!

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    1. Thank you for your comment! That makes me sad that your little one was teased for being herself. I agree we are all unique and different and no one should be afraid or ashamed to be who they are.

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