Thanksgiving Day

Happy Black Friday! Have you been on the go shopping today or are you more of an online shopper? I used to be a stand in line at 2am shop til you drop kind of girl until a few years ago. Now I am all about the online shopping. I find it so exciting when my order arrives at my door. Am I the only one? Probably haha. What’s on your shopping list? For me I just look to see if there is any good deals, mainly on Amazon because Amazon is the greatest. No this isn’t sponsored I just have an addiction to them. I just bought my hubby a little Christmas present and I cannot wait to give it to him.

Anyways how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Did you eat all of the pie? I only indulged in one piece of pecan pie. Oh man was it delicious. I tried very hard yesterday to eat as healthy as I could. I also managed to go for a short run last night. It felt amazing especially since the last time I ran was maybe 2 years ago.

This year for Thanksgiving my hubby and little ones decided to do something different. The best difference was my husband actually had the day off. The last 6 or 7 years he has worked at a place where he was required to work Thanksgiving and Black Friday. So we were very thankful for him to have the day off. The other thing that we did differently was we made our own little dinner at home. Normally we are at someone’s house but we thought it would be easier with the kids to just stay home.

I found a crockpot recipe on Pinterest to make a Thanksgiving meal for 2 and it was perfect. We bought a tiny turkey breast roast, 2 sweet potatoes, 2 baby red potatoes (for the hubby and toddler), stuffing and dinner rolls. It was the perfect amount of food and it turned out amazing.

This isn’t the prettiest picture but it was the perfect little dinner for all 3 of us. We ended up with leftovers even, no left over sweet potatoes unfortunately.

For dessert I made a pumpkin pie parfait. It isn’t pumpkin pie but it is still delicious and a healthier option.

If you’d like the recipe let me know! It was absolutely delicious I could eat all 3 ☺️.

On this day a lot of us are so focused the food ad preparing for a bunch of people to enjoy the day with. I like to think about all the things I am thankful for; I would just like to say that I am thankful for everyone one of you who support me. Every like or comment on my posts means the world to me and I am so grateful for you! So thank you thank you thank you!!!

What did you do for Thanksgiving? What are you most thankful for?

Thanks for stopping by!

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