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Happy Saturday friends! Saturday mornings with a nice cup of coffee while my little colors and plays is my favorite. What are you all up to today? I have to go to the store for groceries and then later tonight we are heading to my sis in laws for dinner and games.

Recently I have been in a reading slump. I can’t seem to find a book that interests me enough to keep reading. Reading has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was little. I remember when my parents would say it was time to go to sleep I would stay up reading until I finished the book or became to tired.

So here’s my questions, what is your favorite book and why? Do you have a favorite author or style of writing?

One of my all time favorite book series is A Beautiful Disaster. I have raved about these stories so much and I always reread them when I can’t find something to read.

A Beautiful Disaster is about a girl named Abby who is trying to hide from her past. She meets a boy named Travis who reminds her so much of her past but she can’t stay away. It’s a wonderful love story.

I am also a Harry Potter fan. I have reread those books so many times. There is something about how those books make me feel. It brings such comfort when my life feels chaotic. I grew up with the books and movies and I couldn’t imagine not knowing the story.

Alright now it’s turn to share your favorites!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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