Happy Saturday y’all! It’s nearly 8 am and I’ve been up since 5:30. I decided to stay up once I got my little man back to sleep. I felt awake enough and forced myself to do a workout. I was very shocked and impressed that I actually did it! I have unfortunately taken the last 2 weeks off from my healthy eating/working out challenge. I have been struggling with getting back into it and I figured no time like the present.

Let talk about New Years. How is it almost 2018? Where did 2017 go? We all think up resolutions that we Are totally going to stick to this year and then most of the time we forget about them by January 5th. Anyone else like this? I have decided instead of New Years Resolutions that I’ll make intentions. That way if I can’t get to it I won’t be as hard on myself.

  • I intend to workout 3-5 a week
  • I intend to eat a healthy diet but have a few treats every so often ( gotta keep it realistic otherwise I won’t stick to it)
  • I intend to be more present- less phone/tv time
  • I intend to be more calm with my kids – this is something that doesn’t come easy so I am going to have to work extremely hard
  • I intend to be more positive- sometimes I let the negativity get to me and I really want to change that
  • I intend to be more flexible- I can get stuck in my ways and not want to go with the flow
  • I intend to grow my own veggies- I got an AeroGarden for Christmas and I’ve already started growing some herbs and tomatoes!
  • I intend to spend more time with friends- as a Mom it gets a bit tricky
  • I intend to get up a bit earlier than my kids so I can enjoy some “me time” – it’s important to have time to do things for yourself. My favorite saying is “you can’t pour from an empty cup”.
  • I intend to have more date days/nights with my hubby – we pretty much never have dates but we need to
  • I intend to clean more – well we will see how this goes. I hate cleaning and I’m a terrible organizer
  • I intend to be happier in 2018

This is just a list I came up with quickly, I may add to the list later on!

What are your New Years Intentions?

If you are going out this New Years Eve please be safe!

Thank you for stopping by!


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