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Happy Saturday! How’s your week? Mine has flown by! I’ve been busy playing with the kids but we are definitely getting stir crazy. It has been negative weather here and it’s awful! I can’t stand the cold!

Ever since New Years Eve my little mans sleep schedule has been off. He has been waking up every 45-60 min and he did this for 3 nights in a row. It was rough. I felt like I was a pile of mush because I was exhausted.

I didn’t think one night off of his schedule would mess with him that much, but man did I learn my lesson. I will not let him go that off his schedule. Anyone else’s kids have this issue?

How did you get your little ones to sleep at night? I decided the other day to try and sleep train him during his naps and he screamed for about 25 minutes and it was rough. My ears can’t handle that much noise or sadness. But I stuck it out and he finally fell asleep. How old was your little ones when you decided to sleep train? Mico is almost 6 months old and he wakes himself up so often. I need sleep since I chase after to littles!

If you decided to sleep train did you go with the cry it out method? Let me know because I am struggling!

Anyways this turned into a very random chat ( they usually Are so I suppose that’s ok 🙂 ).

Thank you all for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Coffee Chats

  1. Good luck with the sleep training! It’s definitely a tough time. We did sleep train and we used the Baby Whisperer method, which felt a little better than a straight cry-it-out to this first-time Mama. We tried it at 4 months with no luck and then at 7 months, and it worked great. 3 or 4 days and she was sleeping much better. Good luck! You’re doing great!

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    1. I’ve never heard of that method I’ll have to look into it! We never sleep trained our daughter and that was my biggest regret because she always comes into our bed. Sleep training is so tough so I’m hoping Mico takes well to it and let’s me sleep 😂


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