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Crushing goals with Tone It Up

Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Jr day!Wow this weekend went by fast and I am exhausted. Who watched the football game last night? I sat there and pretended to watch the game (I’m not a fan because I don’t understand football. Am I the only one?). I did see the winning play for the Vikings and all the people I was around screamed there heads off for the rest of the night.

Monday’s always get a bad rep for being miserable. I am guilty of blaming Monday’s for some of my crappy days too. I am trying to look at it in a different way. Monday’s are meant for crushing our goals. Even if we went off course during the weekend we can always start fresh.

So first thing I did this morning was Check my measurements. I haven’t done this in over a month 🙊. I was pleasantly surprised that my measurements only changed a little for the better. I have been trying to stick to healthy eating and working out almost every day.

I have been following the Tone It Up Girls on YouTube. I don’t have their nutrition plan because I can’t afford it but they have challenges all the time and free content on their channel. I have been following them since I had my daughter in 2014. They are so motivating and easy to connect with. I love their workouts as they are just fun and have a bunch to choose from. I really love the Tone It Up Girls message. They promote a healthy lifestyle with ways to still enjoy the things you love. They are also all about the support from your friends or girls who are like minded. It makes working out and staying on track so much easier if you have an accountability partner.

They recently started selling products at Target. I have tried their protein powder and one flavor of protein bars (post coming soon). They also have socks, meal prep containers, weights, their book ( I’ve had the book since it came out, it’s so good), booty bands, and a few other things. If you haven’t checked out their stuff I definitely recommend it (this is not sponsored I’m just slightly obsessed with them, in a non creepy way lol).

What are your favorite workout videos? Have you tried any of the Tone It Up products? What are your goals for this week?

Thank you so much for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Crushing goals with Tone It Up

    1. Oh me too! Protein powder is so hard to find that doesn’t upset my stomach and taste good. I only tried the Vanilla and I really like it! This is the only one that hasn’t upset my stomach I just don’t like how much it costs.


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