Fun Facts

Happy Sunday! I never post on Sundays but I figured I’d make an exception. At this moment Riley is playing play-doh ( I hate play-doh) and my little Mico is in his crib for his nap and is scream crying, so obviously naptime is going well.

I’ve been seeing all over Instagram people sharing 5 fun facts about themselves and figured it’d be fun. Instead of 5 facts I thought I’d share 10! That way you can get to know me a bit better ( or just know some random facts about me 💁). Alright here we go.

1. I have one sister who is 2 years older. Ever since we were kids we have been mistaken for twins, even til this day.

2. I met my husband in 10th grade and we have been together since.

3. I got married when I was 19

4. I dyed my hair dark brown almost black in high school (I’m naturally a blonde).

5. One time my choir teacher asked me if I was going to pass out because I looked so pale. My friend chimed in and told him that I am just super pale and I am fine. Seriously I am just that pale.

6. I am terrified of bees. I can see them mile away and I start twitching with fear.

7. When I was walking into school one day I ran straight into a pole. I can’t remember if I was talking to someone or looking down while walking 😂

8. I am not photogenic at all. I look terrible in every single picture I take.

9. I fell in love with fitness when I was in 9th grade.

10. I have my associates degree but have never used it.

11. Bonus: the only type of job I have had is waitressing. I worked at a place called Jakes Pizza for 5 years, Buffalo Wild Wings for 4 years ( I quit after having Riley) and Applebees for 6 months (I hated working there). I worked 2 up until 6 months before having Riley then I just stuck with one.

I hope you all enjoyed reading some random facts about me. Let me know 5 fun facts about you!

Thanks for stopping by!


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