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Shhh it’s a secret

Hey hey! It’s Monday again? I am feeling quite exhausted as my son decided he didn’t want to sleep last night. Every time he fell asleep I’d lay him in his bed and Instantly wake up and cry. Oh little man of mine, I am not amused. There will be lots of coffee and hopefully a kickass workout done today to help me through.

Anyways I have created my new all time favorite post workout smoothie with a secret ingredient. Just kidding but I know lots of people will think it sounds disgusting, I know I thought it sounded strange. However It is literally the greatest and I’m obsessed. I drink it almost every single day it’s that good.

I was feeling extra fancy so I started drinking my smoothies out of wine glasses. I mean YOLO right? I hate that saying, but it’s so true haha. Also I painted my nails and feel like a whole new woman. I mean they have already started chipping but still I actually took the time to paint them!

Ok ok I’ll get to the recipe. I’m getting all sorts of excited about sharing it!


  • Spinach ( I just grab a couple handfuls because you can never have too much. Also if you think it sounds disgusting I promise you can’t taste it!)
  • Avocado (I used frozen avocado and no you can’t taste it either. It adds good fats to your smoothie and makes it extra creamy)
  • Secret ingredient: Cauliflower ( yep you read that right. I am obsessed with adding frozen cauliflower. You can’t taste it, it gives you extra veggies and again makes it smooth and creamy. Seriously go try it!!!!)
  • I spoonful of peanut butter/nut butter ( I gotta control my peanut butter intake since I’m obsessed 😂)
  • Protein powder ( duh! Jk you don’t have to add any if you don’t want to!)
  • Almond milk ( or coconut milk, regular milk, water, coconut water, whatever your heart desires)
  • Ice cubes (just like 3 or 4 or however many you want)
  • Chia seeds ( I didn’t add any but you totally could!)
  • Scoop of oatmeal- this isn’t necessary, it just gives a little extra carbs to keep you full longer
  • If you don’t like peanut butter or nut butter you could throw in a couple pieces of fruit, like 3 or 4 chunks of pineapple or mango or strawberries.. etc.


Grab your blender and blend away! Once it’s nice and smooth and creamy pour that deliciousness into a wine glass (or regular; you do you!) and drink up! It’s seriously so delicious and packed full of veggies, vitamins, protein and all the goods!

Once you give this smoothie a try let me know how you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Shhh it’s a secret

  1. I’ve been looking for smoothie recipes that contain hidden veggies to feed my toddler, and I’m totally going to try this one! I love that it has avocado and cauliflower!

    Also, I can totally relate to feeling like a new woman just from painting my nails… even though it starts chipping so fast that it hardly seems worth it sometimes.

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