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Snow day

Hey hey!

It is.. Thursday! This week is flying and yes I’m always confused on the day. I can never seem to remember 💁. This week we got some snow. Now I think snow is beautiful. It’s white, it shines in the sun but it’s also cold. So I tend to become a hermit and not leave my house when it snows. My daughter on the other hand thinks it’s the greatest thing. She gets so excited when it snows, which is beautiful to see.

Right after it snowed I brought her to the door and let her take a peek outside. She went bananas over the snow. She was listing off all the fun things she could do! Of course there was only 2 items she listed because well, she’s 3 (haha). So in between doing homework, my amazing hubby brought Riley to a big hill to go sledding. She has only gone sledding one other time last year and she came back beaming. She was so proud to tell me she went down the big hill all by herself. I was so bummed I missed it! I may or may not have fallen asleep while Mico napped so my hubby let me rest!

To celebrate the snow day we had a movie/tv watching day where we had all the yummy snacks! I made popcorn, Rileys request, and we ate ice cream right out of the container. I like to think of myself as a cool mom ( name that movie!).

Also if you haven’t tried Chocolate Almond Crunch Halo Top, go get yourself some! It’s my absolute favorite and this might be my 3rd or 4th container 🙊. It’s just so good and only 320 calories for the whole thing. I’m seriously obsessed.

This was such a great day with my girl. There are days where they are so hard I feel like a failure. But days like this where she is happy the entire day and having fun are the days I live for.

Now that I’m an adult with little ones, snow days are even better than before. What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

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