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If you like Pina Colada’s

And getting caught in the rain… hey hey ladies and gentlemen! How are we all feeling after that Super Moon? I am feeling drained and irritated and my kids are on a whole new level. Seriously the past day and a half has left me feeling like such a failure. Damn Supermoon! I actually want to learn more about the moon and how it affects us and our moods. If you have any books or interesting information about it let me know. I love learning about new things!

Anyways on a positive note I have found another favorite smoothie! That sentence makes no sense but that’s fine (#momlife #wordsarehard). So the other day I decided to try something new and I am loving it. I call it… drumroll please…

Green Pina Colada

Sorry I had to make it bold because I’m that excited and I’ve had some coffee so I’m wired.

Alright let’s get into it:

You’ll need:

  • Spinach (or kale)
  • Frozen pineapple
  • Frozen cauliflower
  • Avocado (I use frozen, if you don’t have avocado that’s cool just skip this ingredient)
  • Milk or water ( coconut milk, almond milk, reg milk, coconut water; whatever floats your boat)
  • A couple ice cubes
  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Coconut flakes

Next grab that blender. Add a handful or 2 of spinach, you want all those tasty nutrients. Add a couple pieces of pineapple, you don’t want too many. Then a couple pieces of cauliflower and avocado. Pour in your liquid, I use almond milk, protein powder, and couple ice cubes.

Blend that bad boy up and then pour into your cup of choice. Top it with coconut flakes and pretend you are sipping this amazing tropical drink on a beach.

I love how simple and delicious this smoothie is and it provides so many nutrients to our bodies. Even my toddler loves it. Seriously she tries to steal my smoothie but if I make her her own she refuses to drink it, kids.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as I enjoyed drinking it 😋

Also if that super moon f’d with you like it did me and my littles just remind yourself; this too shall pass. Tomorrow is another day for us to begin again with a fresh start.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “If you like Pina Colada’s

  1. The super moon (or something) made my three week old crabby as all get out yesterday, and he’s back to his charming self today, so I feel you there. Enjoy your smoothie and hopefully everyone settles down soon!

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