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Happy Tuesday my friends! This last week has been a bit rough for me. My kids and I have been in a grumpy funk and I’m looking to change that. I had intentions of getting a couple posts up last week but my head was not in the right place to do so.

Today I thought I’d bring you a quote. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one so lets get to it.

Now I am totally guilty of talking about my issues and stresses especially if it’s been a long day with my littles. For me, it’s a way of venting and sometimes it’s me seeking advice. One thing I have noticed for me is I still dwell on it even after I’m done getting it off my chest and mind. This year I plan to completely change that. I am going to start thinking of all the joys and happy times because who doesn’t love to think about all the happy moments?

When we focus on being grateful we shift our mindset and become happier.

So today has been a long day as they all seem to be, my kids didn’t go down for their naps until 3 pm and it’s ok. I am happy and joyful for the fact that I got to get a workout in, meditate, clean a little and hold my sleeping boy. He currently doesn’t like his swing for naps and he and big sis share a room so I am just going to sit and enjoy these moments.

This definitely went in a different direction but hey that’s ok! Sometimes my brain doesn’t stick to one thing it likes to jump around.

What’s one thing you are grateful for?

Thank you for stopping by!


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