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January Favorites

Hey hey hey! Wow can you believe it’s already February? I feel like just yesterday it was Christmas. I’m getting excited because we are getting closer to the warmer months. I am so tired of being cold all the time and not being able to go on long walks!

I haven’t done a Favorites in a long time so I figured why not? Man I have had quite the month. My favorites are mainly health, fitness and food related. I have not worn makeup since Christmas 🙊, which is totally odd. Before I had kids I never left the house without makeup on and now I just can’t be bothered with applying it just to sit at home and then take it off. Anyone else?

Alright let’s jump right in!

So I have been getting back into reading recently and I pulled out my Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson book to reread and I am learning a lot. I have always been really interested in other people’s thoughts and opinions on how to get healthy and their ways of accomplishing it. Kate Hudson writes beautifully about how she has managed to stay pretty happy. She divides it into 4 pillars that help shape her life. If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it!

Another favorite is journaling. I used to journal all the time in high school. I would write about my day and all of my problems. I really found it helped with my mind and made me feel more at ease with myself. So I started it up again and I wish I wouldn’t have quit to begin with. I haven’t been able to journal every day but the days I have have been great. Do you keep a journal?

I love green smoothies. This has been one of my favorites! It’s what I call Green Piña Colada. It is so tropically you’ll feel like you are on a beach.

I’m always in some kind of athletic wear these days. I live in leggings and am very happy about it. I am obsessed with Fabletics. The material is so soft and is very flattering. I love that there are different styles every month that you can choose from. Seriously the best! If you haven’t tried them out they have a deal going on if you are a new member where you can get 2 pairs of leggings for $24. I think that’s such a steal and wish I could snag that deal. Go here to check it out!

I am addicted to Halo Top Chocolate Almond Crunch. It is incredible and I’ve gone through 3 maybe 4 containers. I am not a big ice cream fan but this is just so good. I love that it isn’t bad for you unlike regular ice cream.

I’ve really been loving Tone It Up workouts. They have such great videos that are fun to follow along with. I’ve talked about my love for this brand a lot and if you haven’t tried out their workouts or recipes I recommend going for it!

Alright that’s all I’ve got for now! I hope you enjoyed learning more about my favorites this past month. Let me know what you enjoyed during the month of January!

Thank you for stopping by!

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