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Happy Tuesday friends! It’s gonna be a gooood day! So I didn’t get much sleep last night, but really what’s new, but I have myself a hot caffeinated coffee from Caribou. Seriously what’s better than a cup of hot coffee?

This morning my hubby must have been on a roll because he forgot everything he needed at home. He left his wallet, chapstick, watch and the muffins I made for him at home. So I bundle the kids up and bring them to him. He is the general manager at the Goodwill in our town and guess what I saw the second I walked in? It was this perfect, brand new purple Athleta workout tank top. Now usually these tops are super pricey. The tag said it was originally $59. I can not afford a tank top that is $59, but it was at Goodwill so it was priced at $10.99! To me that was a no brainer, I needed this top. The problem is the hubby and I are on a spending freeze, but he let me get it. Oh the little things ☺️.

So the other day I had posted about being in a funk. Now I still feel like that at certain times of the day and I’m partially blaming the weather. My spirit soars with happiness when the sun is shining and I’m able to be outside with my kids, unless I see a bee, then it’s all downhill from there (the fear is real my friends). Well the other day, I think it was Saturday, I had a fantastic day. My best friend, kids and I went to breakfast for delicious Carmel rolls and coffee. I was very energetic after that, and then we took a stroll through JoAnn Fabrics and Bath and Body Works, by the way I want everything from those stores.

So later on in the day I decided to take the kids to the Dollar Tree because well why not? I hadn’t been in forever and they do have some good stuff. I found some tag board, 2 colors of tempera paint and a heart that expanded into a washcloth. Riley and I had a blast finger painting and we created our own version of a sun. I love how creative we got and Rileys is amazing, especially since she is 3 (proud mommy moment).

Rileys beautiful version of a sun

This is Rileys beautiful version of a sun! I find this to be incredible!

This is my picture of the sun!

Now if you made it to the end of this post you deserve a cookie and a high five! I promise there is a point to both of my very long stories.

I truly believe that even in the darkest of hours, you can make your own sunshine. It does take a lot of work, but it is worth it. Whether it’s going for a run, grabbing a coffee with your friend, or even finding a great deal on an item you’ve been wanting, there is something beautiful and positive in every situation.

Just remember it’s the little things in life that can change a mood and mean the most.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you find sunshine in your day, even if it feels cloudy!


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