Saturday’s are for selfcare

This isn’t an easy task especially if you are a mom or dad. The kids always come first which leaves me feeling drained and exhausted.

Today has been rough, the kids are cranky and not listening and I’m going on little sleep so the best thing to cure a drained mommy is self care.

Self care/self love look different to everyone. For some it may be going outside (it’s snowing here 👎), reading, writing, eating (🙌), meditating, and much more. A lot of these things are my favorite things to do. Today I chose to workout for about 20 minutes, painted my finger and toe nails (oh boy they needed it they were looking rough), put on a face mask and relax in a hot tub with a delicious smelling bath bomb (don’t eat the bath bomb!).

I totally zenned out in the bath I almost fell asleep. At this moment I am feeling the most relaxed I’ve felt in awhile and it didn’t take much time. I put my littles down for their nap and got to work. I am feeling ready to continue on with my day and hopefully be in a better mood for my kids.

Everyone needs to take time to themselves every once in awhile. Set aside 1 hour at least once a week to do something for yourself. You will feel amazing after I promise!

Self love and care is extremely important for your health. It makes a big difference when you fill your cup up so you can take on the world.

What’s your favorite way to relax and show yourself some love and care?

Thanks for stopping by!


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