February Favorites

Happy Monday! How’s your day been treating you? Mines been alright, it’s a little after noon and I’ve done lots of laundry and dishes. I managed to fit in a 20 minute workout while my little boy napped and my daughter watched a show.

I can’t believe it is already March! This last month really flew by. We didn’t do a ton but we did have fun. Let’s jump into my favorites of the month.

First up is taking time for myself by enjoying a relaxing bath. It really helped change my state of mind. I’ve been trying to fit in one to two relaxing baths a week. I would love to do one everyday but that’s just not realistic for me. This “F” Bomb by da Bomb fun size fizzers is amazing. It smells incredible and turns your water purple. It also comes with a sweet little note to make you smile! They sell these at Target or online!

These are the most delicious chocolate muffins I’ve ever made. I’ve been 2 batches and we have devoured them in 2 days. They are chocolate beet muffins and they are incredible. There is no beet taste, just delicious chocolates goodness!

We have been really into painting this month. Riley and I enjoyed finger painting our idea of the sun and Riley got to paint a turtle rock. The rock I found at Target for only $3! This has been a game changer for her when she’s getting all wild and crazy. It helps her slow down to focus on painting.

This foundation. This is an amazing product. I downloaded an app, it found my skin tone and made me a foundation that actually matches my skin. It’s incredible. If you haven’t given it a try I definitely recommend downloading the BareMinerals Fresh Faced Made-2-Fit app and giving it a try!

I live in my Fabletics clothes. I have been purchasing since they started and I have not had any complaints! The leggings fit amazingly and are so comfortable. I also love all the different styles they come up with. If you haven’t tried them out go to Fabletics and give it a go!

Alright that’s all I’ve got for this last month. It’s all a bit random, just like me, and I hope you found this interesting!

What’s something you loved during the month of February?

Thanks for stopping by!

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