April Favorites

Happy Wednesday! Wow I didn’t realize it was already almost the middle of May. Seriously where have I been?

Every month I always like to sit down and think of my most used or most obsessed item/food that way I can try and change it up. I mean a lot of times I don’t change it up, but I’m trying so there’s a start!

Alright let’s get to those items/food!

I’m a huge foodie. Like I’m always hungry all the time. Anyone else? I could eat all day long and sometimes I do. I feel like you all know this about me but I have a major sweet tooth. Anytime I crave something sweet I try and munch on something healthy. I found these Justin’s Dark chocolate peanut butter cups at my local grocery store. I am OBSESSED! I seriously can’t stop eating these. I bought 3 packs in one week ( there’s only 2 in a pack so it’s ok!).

I also am obsessed with sparkling water. I usually drink La Croix (it’s the best!) but I’m trying to cut back on spending so I tried Bubly and it’s pretty good! I’ve only tried the lime flavor so far, I’ll keep ya posted on the other flavors.

This whole outfit has been worn a lot since it’s warmed up! I got the shirt at Target from the brand A New Day. It’s so soft and comfy! These leggings are from Nordstrom from the Zella line. I believe they are all sold out, but if you can find them buy them! They are comfortable, they have the mesh details and are a beautiful color block of pinks and greys. I’m obsessed!

This is another outfit I’ve been living in. It’s from Fabletics which you all know is one of my favorites! The clothes are so cute and comfortable. I always workout in them and can wear them out and about after! If you haven’t tried them I highly recommend doing so!

I recently wrote a post on this chocolate beet smoothie and I can’t stop making it! There are so many amazing nutrients and it tastes so good! Give it a try and let me know!

This is my new night time moisturizer and it’s so good! I did receive this product for reviewing purposes. It is incredible! After the first time using it I noticed my skin looked brighter!

I add this into every smoothie I make! It does have a very distinct strong taste, but the benefits are amazing.

My birthday was at the end of April so for my cake I made the amazing chocolate beet muffins from Tone It Up. They were the perfect treat to have, and they had so many amazing nutrients. I got the sweets plus the health benefits, I’d call that a win win!

Alright that’s all I got for my favorites this last month. I hope you found it helpful or useful! If you did, let me know!


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