Qalo Rings are the way to go

Hey there! I hope your week has been amazing and that your weekend will be just as great!

This week I was helping my sis in law pack for when they move and my wedding hit something and cut my finger. It hurt so bad to wear my ring that I had to take it off and put a different ring on. I’m sure you are probably wondering why I’m telling this very boring story about a tiny cut, my husband wonders the same thing when I share these type of stories.

A few years ago when I was pregnant with my first, I had a little bit of swelling in my hands. It wasn’t unbearable or anything but my ring barely fit and was uncomfortable. So my husband did a little research. He found this company called Qalo Rings which sell silicone rings. He knew I didn’t want to go without my ring so he bought me one of these to wear. I love it. It was very comfortable and perfect for me to wear while waitressing.

Now back to getting a cut on my finger where my ring sits, I decided the best way for it to heal is not having a huge ring sit on it. So I went into my jewelry and found my Qalo ring. I forgot how nice and comfortable it is.

These rings are perfect to wear if you work out a lot. Lifting weights can put a lot of pressure on wedding rings or rings with diamonds and cause them to fall out. They Are also nice for the jobs that are very hands on such as construction or welding.

If you haven’t given these a try I definitely recommend trying them out! They have plain ones or ones with a little bit more design.

As always thank you all for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

Disclaimer: this is not sponsored, I’m just sharing a product and company I love!


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