I’m back! (Discount code)

Happy Saturday!

Hello all! It has been a long time. I feel like a lot has changed, but yet nothing is different. During my time away, I have been spending time with my littles and watching them grow.

It is Easter weekend and finally hot out! My heart couldn’t be happier! I felt like the snow was never ending. We have spent the last few days outside cleaning up and moving our shed. My hubby, kids and I have purchased some baby chicks. Everyone is loving them too!

I recently became an Ivory Ella ambassador/ rep person. I love the brand and think they do amazing work. If you’ve never heard of Ivory Ella, it’s a company that works and sells good clothes and accessories to save the elephants.

I have gotten all of you a 15% discount if you order by April 22nd. Just type in IVEMU1C47 at the checkout!

If you order I hope you enjoy and know that you are helping the elephants!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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