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Açaí bowls= true happiness

Happy Wednesday!

I have managed to write a post 3 days in a row, this is very exciting!

Today I have something delicious to share with all of you. I recently found açaí powder and decided it was time to try making an açaí bowl. Every one stop everything. This is the most delicious smoothie bowl I have ever created! I am so obsessed I made it every day for a week! I don’t suggest doing that because açaí bowls are high in sugar from all the fruit, but it was super delicious and I have zero self control.

Anyways let’s get into the recipe.

First thing you need is a good blender. With any type of smoothie bowl you don’t use a lot of liquid, just enough to get it to blend.

For the base I used:

    A handful of frozen cauliflower (you seriously can’t taste it!)
    One frozen banana (you can skip frozen cauliflower and use one to two frozen bananas if you’d like)
    Splash of almond milk ( or whatever kind of milk you enjoy)
    A tablespoon of açaí powder ( found mine at Walmart, can also find at other stores or online)
    Tablespoon of cacao powder ( lots of superfoods in this recipe)
    A spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter
    Protein powder! ( I’ve tried chocolate and vanilla, both taste good. Whatever flavor of protein should work!)

Blend it up until smooth and creamy!


Really any toppings that make you and your belly happy! I used:

  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Scoop of peanut butter (I am obsessed)
  • Hemp seeds ( more superfoods!)
  • Dark chocolate chips

The options are endless!

Add your toppings, take your pic of it because it’s super beautiful looking and delicious, so extra win!

The next step is the best step. EAT!

Let me know if you like this recipe, show me your açaí bowl masterpieces, I love seeing açaí bowl beauties.

Thank you all so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Açaí bowls= true happiness

    1. Thanks! They are so delicious, however I’ve only tried the one I’ve made because I don’t live near shops that make them. So far I’ve added cacao powder with the açaí powder so that gives it a chocolate taste. They are healthy for you too, açaí bowls mainly have fruit unless you add extra things like I did. They are high in sugar because of the fruit, but it’s delicious so I eat it whenever.

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