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Gratitude Challenge Day 1

Good morning and happy Monday!

So far I’ve cleaned up about 4 poops and it’s only 8:30am, off to a great start so far. This weekend was definitely a bit rough for me, my hubby was away at drills and both kids ended up getting the flu at the same time. It was tough but we made it through!

Today starts the day of the Gratitude Challenge. It is my first ever challenge so bear with me.

As I cleaned up all the sickness that my kids had/have I was struggling to find any reasons to be grateful. However, that’s life, we get thrown curve balls that are going to test you and challenge you. It’s our job to work through them and find a way to be happy and grateful for what we have. With that being said I’ll share my 3 things I’m grateful for.

  1. My husband is home from his long weekend of drills. He got noticed and given an award which is amazing. He’s worked so incredibly hard in his military career and I am so proud of him!

2. My kids are extra cuddly and even though it’s only because they don’t feel good I am going to take as many cuddles as they’ll give me! As they get older they don’t want to just sit and cuddle which bums me out because I know they are growing up, such a bittersweet time.

3. The playfulness of my kids. They really love their tv time, and unfortunately they get it way more than they should. When they sit and just focus on their toys they are so creative and it’s amazing to see their imagination. Recently my daughter has become interested in paper dolls. She sits and draws dresses, colors them and cuts them out all day. All we need to do is make the dolls. It’s just amazing what kids can come up with.

I am very excited about this challenge because it makes you really think about things and helps put things into perspective. I also love the benefits that come from being grateful.

What are some things you are grateful for? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday is magical!


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